Everything you need to know about the wedding


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We would like to request all our guests to wear blush and sage tone colors with no or very minimal prints.

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Even though it's an outdoor garden wedding, please refrain from wearing denim, shirts, shorts and slippers.

Gentleman : Polo barong or buttoned polo, pants, and closed shoes

Ladies : Cocktail or long dress and comfy but nice footwear


L'Aquinum Garden Antipolo

Kingsville Subdivision Charlemagne St, Antipolo, 1800 Rizal



Your presence at our wedding is present enough, but if we are honored by a gift from you, a monetary gift will be very much appreciated to help us fill our new home. 🏠


As we are finally down to few more days before our big day, we have prepared some FAQs that may not be clear due to tight schedule for our wedding preparations.

We encourage you to arrive at 1:30 PM as the entourage starts to line up at this time. Processional will start at exactly 2PM as this will be stricly followed. It would be nice to see you all while we are having our first walk down the aisle!

YES. There will be enough parking spaces available.

YES, PLEASE. We will need this in order to consolidate guest details and finalize the headcount for buffet and seating purposes.

We understand that there may be such circumstances. We ask that you please let us know as soon as possible so we can reallocate your seat/s.

Please let us know as soon as possible. Having said that, please understand that we may have reallocated your seat/s to another party. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the same number of seats or one at all.

Please refer to the number of alloted seat/s mentioned on the invitation/RSVP. As much as we'd love to have everyone celebrate with us, unfortunately, we can only accommodate a limited number of guests due to the venue and budget restrictions.

As much as we'd love kids, we want the event to be for ADULTS ONLY.

We are blessed to be allowed to gather on this special day. However, we will still be implementing standard health protocols throughout the ceremony and celebration. Please wear a face mask as you roam around. Specific instructions will be given when can you remove them during the program. Observe physical distancing!

You will be informed of your table and seat assignment. Following health protocols, kindly refrain from frequently transferring seats/tables.

YES but please keep the aisle phone and camera free especially during the procession. And most importantly, PLEASE do not block the view of our hired professional photo and video team.

YES please use this when posting about our wedding. #ITSALWAYSVINLOISY

It took us a year to plan a wedding that everyone would hopefully enjoy. We aim to end the program at around 8 PM, but we have the venue until 10 PM so there will be drinks and dancing after. Please don't eat and run! If you must leave early, we'd love to thank you and say goodbye before you go, maybe not while our SAME DAY EDIT video is playing though.

RSVP now, Pray with us for favors and provisions, Wear appropriate attire, Be there on time, Stay until the end of the program and Enjoy!