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Alvin and Eloisa Baby Profile


Alvin is the middle child and only son in their family. Loisy, on the other hand, is the only daughter and the bunso in their family.

Together they form a couple with sundry contradicting and complementing personalities. They tone down each other's intolerable attitudes, and continuously improve the traits that they fell in love with


Alvin grew up in Sta. Maria, Bulacan while Loisy grew up in Cainta, Rizal. Growing up with more than 50 kilometers apart, their paths finally crossed in August 2017.

The couple decided to move and live in their new home in Pandi, Bulacan.

Alvin and Eloisa HighSchool Profile
Alvin and Eloisa College Profile


They both work in the IT industry - Alvin in development as software engineer and Loisy in design as UI/UX designer. Through working together, they form a bond that compliments and work as a strong team.

All creative and design aspects of this wedding is the outcome of Alvin and Loisy's creative collaboration.

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